Naruto Modern

November 17th, 1984


  • 26 degrees, Clear, Morning.

It all started out a pleasant Tuesday morning, the school bus coming to pick up the students and helping them traverse the bad neighborhood just before the school.

Seating on the Bus was as follows:
Left Side, Front to Back.

Right Side, Front to Back

The Radio was tuned in on a Pop station, seeming to play at a very shallow volume of which could hardly be heard by anyone past the front seats, and the songs that played were as follows.

  1. Gee by SNSD
  2. Bubble Pop by Hyuna

During the first song, the group took notice of the poor conditions once more, seeming to be mostly all adjusted to what they had to pass everyday.

  • Harley Gunborg: “This part of town is sad.
  • Seigi Kokutou shrugs his shoulders. “You gonna do some magical hammer time over here and make it better?
  • Kirashaku Hoshigaki takes a glance out the window to her right, scoffing briefly before turning her attention back to the front of her bus, crossing both legs as she bobs her foot to the tune of what was being played on the radio.
  • Alarune Urgamal tries to listen out for the radio to avoid the depressing. She promptly drops her head against the glass and grumbles about annoying music.

The Bus then stops at a stoplight when a saddening event goes down; As the people walk across the crosswalk, a Man stabs a woman down whilst stealing her purse, seeming to run off while the population doesn’t seem to attempt stopping the criminal.

  • Kirashaku Hoshigaki: “Gee gee gee— Oh.
  • Alarune Urgamal: “At least it wasn’t a gun this time….though a knife isn’t better in the end.
  • Loki Gunborg: “Should have been smarter.
  • Yeah, screw her for crossing the street.” Kirashaku comments sarcasticly.
  • Loki Gunborg: “Coulda been more alert instead of walking around without a care in this area.
  • Alarune Urgamal: “The problem’s more the fact that people have no issue randomly killing and robbing people here.

The Bus continues on, seeming to leave the Poorer part of town all the while the radio changes it’s song to the next one…

  • Odayaka Hyuuga begins to pull onto the seat, trying to listen, but the song seems so silent. “Sir! Please turn the radio up!
  • Alarune Urgamal tries to listen but the song this time is too faint.
  • Bubble.. bubble.. pop pop?Kirashaku questions herself.
  • Alarune Urgamal: “….What? Okay, now I’m morbidly curious.
  • Seigi: blinks. “Did I miss something?”

The Radio is turned up only slightly by request, still being hard to hear for most.

  • Odayaka slams her back into the seat with a pout.

But all of this would not matter…

All of a sudden-the song seemed to have began getting disrupted by static, causing it to become very unclear though it seemed to have voices talking among the static followed by what seemed like a large pop-before the radio went into a dead tone.

Outside the sounds of an explosion are heard.

  • Alarune Urgamal: “Huh.
  • Kirashaku immediately perks up, turning her head towards the explosion.
  • Seigi blinks once again, bolting upright and looking around, trying to see what happened.
  • Harley turns.
  • Odayaka begins to flail her arms a bit before falling down in the seats.

The sound of planes flying overhead…the explosions growing closer as the city seemed to spark into a blaze from what appeared to be an invasion..

  • Well that isn’t good at all.” Seigi mentions, stating the obvious and gripping his kendo stick a bit tighter. “That also isn’t normal.
  • Harley stares in utter horror.
  • Kirashaku lowers herself down into the gap between the seat and the front of the bus.
  • Alarune Urgamal: “Maybe we should not be here, where the explosions are getting closer to.

The bus begins to swerve off the road into the sidewalk, the door slamming open very close to the school grounds as the students are rallied and alerted to run to the safety of the school, meanwhile the city has a siren going off loudly across the street, the people in a panic as they take cover, planes overhead dropping and blowing buildings to ruins and the roads being carpet bombed.

  • Harley jumps out. “Let’s hurry!” She shouts out, fear in her voice as she speeds towards the school.
  • Odayaka seems to pop up, seeming to look and try directing people to run for the school, making sure people get out of the seats with fear of her own plastered across her paled face.
  • Soda and Suki seem to fumble as they rush out the door.
  • Kirashaku stands herself back up, looking towards the back of the bus towards where Odayaka was sitting.
  • Alarune promptly gets up. “Agreed, bailing time!” As she makes for the school with the quickness.

The group makes it to the school safely, and were told to go to their classrooms on the first floor and to follow instruction by their teacher.

  • Seigi stands quietly for a moment, processing the events that happened and trying to come to a solid conclusion on it. “Ah, the city’s under attack.. Of all the days to not have a sword.” He muttered to himself in irritation, opening the bag containing his kendo stick. It wasn’t much, but he could try and make do with it. If all that was happening, surely the school wasn’t safe either. “We should probably try to barricade the doors, they’ll try to get in through there. There’s gotta be evacuation procedures or something for things like this.
  • Harley Gunborg: “Do- Do we go out there and help?” She says, her body shaking at the sounds of yet another explosion. “We’re supposed to be heroes.
  • Loki GunborgAnd what is a sword against a bomb?

Most continued on towards the classroom, but Seigi Kokutou seemed to be too stubborn on his own way.

  • Seigi looks towards Harley. “I’m gonna stay here, a classroom only has a few exits and I’m not jumping out a window.
  • Harley looks at the doors before slowly shifting back towards the classes. “I-” She goes silent, continuing to walk to class.
  • Odayaka looks back at Seigi. “Don’t be dumb! We need to follow the protocol!
  • Alarune Urgamal: “We can’t do much of anything against that, not right now. Besides, if there’s a ground attack, the doors are the first place they’ll attack. Windows are safer.
  • Seigi Kokutou: “Yeah? Well I’m going to the kitchens and grabbing knives in case there’s people thinking it’s a good idea to go attack a school. There’s gotta be something sharp there.

A massive explosion occurs outside, illuminating a bright light for a moment that glares through the windows of the school.

Seigi looks back towards the light of the explosion, eyes narrowing against the glare. “Yeah. Definitely getting knives.” He then runs towards the kitchens top speed to macguyver up some sharp and pointy things.

Once in the classroom, the students are directed by their teacher, Omin Miku to follow bomb drill, of which was to get under their desk, a book over their head until rescue arrives. Though one student in particular didn’t do so.

  • Loki sits at her desk and watches them.
  • Get under you desk.Omin whips at Loki.
  • Loki shrugs getting under her desk, “Not like hiding under a desk will protect someone from a bomb.

Then just a matter of seconds later, a blazing of bullets fires through the windows, allowing glass to shatter, seeming if anyone had not been down, they would have been shot. The sounds of dog fighting planes becoming more easily heard now without the glass to buffer the sounds.

Seigi Kokutou arrives to the classroom, a box of knives handy and allows students to start taking them for self defense.

  • Seigi Kokutou: “The invaders are using debris and setting up a perimeter.” The lad says immediately, heading to the others and setting down a box of knives, already having one for himself. “I’m going out there, it’s better than staying holed up here waiting to die.
  • Loki grabs two knives from Seigi’s box.
  • Harley crawls towards the box and tries to take a knife. “That was stupid.” She says with a pout. “I thought you died!
  • Alarune: “Indeed. There’s a lot of guns out there.
  • No, don’t go out. We have to stay here and follow protocol!Odayaka barks out.
  • Seigi Kokutou: “Protocol that winds up with someone tossing a grenade in here or using me as a hostage is stupid.
  • Kirashaku Hoshigaki: “She’s right, you know. If ‘our guys’ can’t handle it, we’re better off fighting in here anyway. We know the layout better than they do, I think.
  • Harley stares first up at Seigi then around the rest of them. “We can’t do nothing.” She says gripping firmly on the knife. “We’re supposed to be amazing, not hiding under a desk!

After some discussion about possibilities, all the students besides Seigi had their heart on staying in the classroom.

  • Odayaka stays under, not willing to go out. “I’m going to keep following what were told to do.
  • Kirashaku Hoshigaki: “I think we should just wait.
  • Okay, I’m gonna check the halls then.Seigi says, checking his kendo stick and knife with a nod before starting for the door.

But then it seemed to topple over everyone’s plans, one by one.

  • Kirashaku lets out a grumble, watching Seigi for a few moments before she crawls out to follow after him.
  • Loki Gunborg: “Have fun~
  • Harley nods, her eyes focused on the pair as she continues with them.
  • Odayaka Hyuuga grits her teeth as she follows the group. “Damn…
  • Alarune sighs and follows. “Well if we’re going to be crazy, might as well be crazy with numbers.
  • Loki sighs and follows along with them.
  • Seigi blinks, looking at the others who followed him, lowering his voice as much as he can. “You know its easier to be stealthy in smaller numbers.. But thanks. I’m gonna check the front area again and see if they changed anything.
  • Alarune Urgamal: “Just saying, if we die, I’ll find a way to kill you again Seigi.
  • Harley nods, seeming uneasy and very aware of her surroundings. “Let’s just try to survive first.
  • We’re not allowed on the second floor.Kirashaku responds in a dull whisper. “I think maybe we could snag something from up there.
  • OdayakaI still think this is a bad idea, I am only coming along to make sure you don’t endanger the students actually following the directions.

And so the plan seemed to begin shifting towards going up to the abandoned second floor of the school building.

  • There’s a reason for that; the whole floor is condemmed.Alarune whispers back.
  • Kirashaku Hoshigaki: “Condemned, meaning it hasn’t been repaired, meaning we can easily tear things off the walls or floors. Maybe there’s even some tools up there from sloppy workers. I dunno, it was just an idea.
  • Loki shrugs, “Let’s die together!
  • Kirashaku HoshigakiIf you’re not going to offer anything useful, Loki, just go back into the classroom.
  • Harley Gunborg: “We’ll be less likely to be hit up there, and maybe we can make more traps without hurting people who aren’t bad guys.
  • Seigi sighs. “Second floor then, if its condemned we might be able to set up better ambushes and like Harley said, make traps.

And so they took to the second floor whilst Odayaka seemed to begin usage of an ability she had very rarely even allowed others to know she had in the past few years.

*Odayaka seems to look around before her eyes go a deeper white, and veins pop around her eyes, seeming to focus.

  • Odayaka seems to squint a bit. “Looks like outside is starting to get a little better…at least we have armies fighting armies..” She seems to say, following the group.
  • Seigi Kokutou: “No one’s coming towards us then? Trying to use the school for cover or hostages?
  • Alarune Urgamal: “Better than a siege on the school.
  • Odayaka Hyuuga: “Not from what I see-it seems like they are having a bit of a fight to try to get through down the road.
  • How do you know?Kirashaku asks, somewhat skeptical of Odayaka’s verdict as she starts to head off towards the staircase, taking lead of the group.
  • Because I can see outside and around me.” Odayaka responds heading up the stairs.

Upstairs, the walls appear to be dampened and ruined, pipes seeming to be interconnecting with buckets and tarps laid out to protect the floor. Rooms seem to be easily seen into thanks to a lot of the walls removed, but it is also quite darker.

  • Alarune Urgamal: “Well it’s certainly living up the condemned ranking.
  • Odayaka Hyuuga: “I don’t feel like this is a good place to go.
  • Seigi Kokutou: “It’s definitely a lot more open, but the stairs make a choke point.
  • Kirashaku Hoshigaki: “The darkness might help, but I’m not sure how strong the floor is either.
  • Harley Gunborg: “Not sure where else we can go. We might just be hiding up here instead of trying to help.
  • Loki Gunborg: “What about the bathrooms?
  • Odayaka Hyuuga: “If anything, should we try our best to get home? It’s further from the fighting.
  • Seigi Kokutou: “And leave all the other kids and teachers here?
  • Odayaka Hyuuga: “You mean like you caused us to do to them already? I doubt were helping them from the second floor, Seigi.
  • Seigi Kokutou: “Huh. Good point. Let’s ditch ’em.

During the discussion of potential changing plans, Kirashaku Hoshigaki begins investigating the floor before finding a pipesaw of which to take.

  • Kirashaku returns shortly after her search, holding up a pipesaw. “Well, I found this. Unless anyone else thinks they can do a better job, I think we’re done here.

And so the new plan was executed. The group would instead ditch the school to head away from the war, and to get back home.

As the group waits for Seigi Kokutou to collect the rest of the group who had decided to stay back, he runs into Ohara Asuka who asks where the rest of the students are, and brings up about a secret path that was set up incase of something like this in order to save the them.

The group is fully united once more along with Ohara as they head out, towards a manhole after making sure the coast is clear and begin to enter.

  • Ohara Asuka leads the group to a manhole, seeming to open it up and directing them to climb down. “Watch your step.” She whispers.

Once at the bottom, Ohara Asuka pulls out a tag and applies it to a graffiti wall, which seems to reveal a seal of sorts, causing the wall to reveal a secret path.

  • Kirashaku heads in after Alarune and Odayaka, letting out a sigh. “This is crazy.
  • Seigi heads into the entrance, not bothered in the least. “This is lucky, imagine if we didn’t have this to go through? We’d still be stuck at that school.
  • I’d like to assume we would have made it back safely without.Odayaka says as her eyes go revert back to normal.
  • Alarune Urgamal: “Lucky and interesting, I wonder how all of this was made?
  • Yeah, but that doesn’t mean I’m not glad we don’t have to try that.Seigi pauses for a moment, scratching his head. “So are your eyes okay now?
  • They are fine.Odayaka responds, waving him off as they keep walking.

Once they reach the end of the secret tunnel, they appear to come out of a storage shed back home and are told by Ohara Asuka to gather up their possessions they wish to take while they wait for the next course of action.


Coming Soon…

November 16th, 1984

Author’s Note: Prior to this site’s usage, two years have passed, each having significant events though this will be the first post. In the future, potential exists of the earlier years gaining tl;dr pages may be compiled from memory, though this isn’t a promise.


  • Class arrives to meet their new year’s teacher, Omin Miku told of her much more sophisticated and difficult class compared to the two year’s prior.
  • “Hello Class.” She says in a droll and tired tone. "I am your homeroom instructor, Mrs. Omen Miko. She seems to give a small smile for a half second as she addresses her name, as if proud-then remembering that she works in a High School. “My class is strict, my class is tough-so you best keep up with your studies!” Mrs. Omin says picking up a pointer stick. “I am not afraid to punish each and every one of you that deserves it, and the classroom enviroment will be kept professional…but that’s not to say were not all seriousness every day for we do indeed have open class discussion over topics, and you will be allowed to wear costumes to class-ON HALLOWEEN.” She seems to jitters out with some anger while turning towards the new boy. The agitated Woman doesn’t seem to say anything else to him, while he seems to react with a ‘Oh man, I wonder what I did.’ type of shoulder shrug. “But perhaps it is just a social barrier from our foreign exchange student whom will now address themselves.”
  • A new foreign exchange student from the United States arrives, whom was in trouble the very first day for wandering into the school in a Lemur suit in hopes of sticking out as a unique individual this individual going by the name Patrick Kelly.
  • The Boy seems to take the stand, seeming to eye the whole group for a moment before turning sideways and crouching down. “Kawaii pose.” He let’s out as his hands paw up together just under his face and his ass bumping outwards to make his tail fly up a moment. “My name-I mean watashi tater DESSSSU Patrick.” He says “I like to play video games, hang out with friends, and talk about my hobbies. I hope to join the track team and I’m sure you’ll all like me.”
  • The class learns of Patrick Kelly‘s cats untimely death, due to drinking anti-freeze, which seemed to cause quite the strain on Harley Gunborg’s psyche for the whole morning, though Kirashaku Hoshigaki’s reaction was to laugh from the back of the class.


  • Hey so-why are you.” She seems to begin ponting out Alarune Urgamal‘s whole body. “So Green? Not to be rude or anything.” She seems to say throwing her arms up defensively. "It’s just odd, don’t see a lot and it’s bugged me for awhile now."
  • Because green is awesome.” Alarune replies with a grin, not about to get into the whole race explanation with a civilian
  • Takeo Mori gets angry at the new exchange student Patrick Kelly, which seems to cause his eyes to glow red like furnaces. He seemed unaware, and Harley Gunborg would bring it up to him shortly after the event, while checking for his well-being.


  • The two new instructor’s for the Group introduced themselves to the Academy Students, allowing them to branch off between two different groups.
  • I am Yano Yamanaka, and I am the Samurai Division Specialist Instructor.” She let out giving a casual wave to Harley before inspecting the group. “So which one of you was I informed dosen’t have a weapon.” She begins to say scanning them all. “It’s hard to tell when you don’t have one-go get your weapons!” She’d sound off with a playfully commanding voice while pointing towards the bunks, seeming to put a bit of oomph into her movements making the cape-like trenchcoat sway-although it also didn’t cover anything-this was probably the least dressed individual the group has met. She then looks over towards Loki and tilts her head. “Go get your weapon.
  • A new Woman begins to then enter the room, seeming to have black, thin yet wavy hair which crawls down to her upperback as she wears all white, much like the other-yet her clothing was much more conservative, and to make matters EVEN weirder, she appeared to be much taller than than Yuko. “Do you have to be so loud?” She seemed to plead out in a bit of a whisper which almost got muffled out by one of the bells which seemed to be adorned on the cuff of each sleeve.
  • I am Ohara Asuka.” The woman would begin to say in a typical conversational loudness. “I am projecting my voice, but do not be fearful. I am the ninja division Instructor, and I need the rest of you to line up for me.
  • Future students of Ohara Asuka seemed to show a bit of envy towards the Samurai’s and their teacher.
  • “Why does Harley get the cool instructor?” Hima (Himawari Yuki, While not mentioned, this was a gained nickname of the individual in Year 1.) whispers to Loki.
  • “Shh be quiet or she may ‘break’ us instead!” She whispers back
  • Alarune’s attention was now on the new person, although she felt some disappointment that the other one didn’t have her companion’s taste in clothing.
  • Alright, get your weapons and follow me out!” She says thursting her arm up with intensity to signal the samurais to march out. “Were going to go break SHIT!” She roars out excited.
  • Break everything!” Harley shouts right back, getting behind her and going right along with her.
  • Seigi inwardly groans, lowers his head, and starts walking out. This was already making itself out to be a trial in more ways than one.
  • Ohara Asuka takes her class to her personal classroom, having desks comprised in a circle as she has each of them practice handsigns for the first time.
  • Hello.” She says seeming to keep things somewhat formal while going back to a hushed voice. “Please follow me, today we are going to stay in and study handsigns.”
  • The class was alerted they would first be learning Hedge No Jutsu.
  • Yano Yamanaka took the group out to the poor conditioned training grounds just outside.
  • The woman seems to have led the group into the slightly cold and overcasted weather outside, towards what seemed to be a poorly equipped training zone, many bits just bashed in. “Good news and bad news.” She says pointing out the equipment. “Bad news is this is what we get to train with.” She says frowning. “The good news is that were getting replacement equipment once it breaks beyond repair.”
  • Seigi stared at the ruined equipment and the all around terrible atmosphere the training zone seemed to give. It was like being back in the kendo club room, and thus, he felt comfortable with it already. He simply nodded along to the instructor’s words and remained silent, waiting for instructions.
  • Takeo Mori brings up his lack of a blade, unlike the rest of the students. (Whom had gotten theirs via the Weapon Soul Ideal Bonus.)
  • Takeo looks at the woman, “Uh, I’m the one without a sword.
  • Harley begins to laugh.
  • No laughing.” She says glaring at Harley. “It is not funny when a Samurai lacks a blade. It’s like when a guy can’t get it up.
  • Takeo lowers his arm seemingly confused.

*Takeo Mori chose out a Daikatana as his weapon preference.

  • The Group began to attack the training equipment.
  • Once Takeo leaves the Armory, she locks up the place and puts the key back right and proper around her neck, heading back for the training equipment. “You know what they say about Daikatanas!” She seems to giggle out before thrusting a finger towards a worn down sandbag. “Takeo! Sick it!”
  • Sand begins to leak out slowly from the blow as she seems to frown. “Well Why did you stop?, your not planning to give your enemy a turn are you?”
  • Take that!” She shouts out, taking her hammer by both hands and prepared to slam it down hard onto the log.
  • The strike seemed to leave a rough crush into the side of it, yet Harley struggled to fully break the training piece.
  • Seigi Kokutou mills about for a moment more, but seeing as Harley had gone to hit something and not been reprimanded for it, the lad unsheathes his own daikatana and heads to another free piece of equipment (weapon stand), moving to slash at it in practice swings, trying to keep up his form from kendo.
  • Seigi naturally swing again to attack the weapon stand, invigorated by the fact he had managed to damage it some, now preparing to ruin it entirely and complete his task!
  • Striking out against the post this time, the blow was weak and bounced off it, causing Seigi to stumble back some, nearly losing his grip on his sword. Huffing a sigh, the lad reset his stance, and then rushed in once more, swinging against the weapon stand a third time.
  • Odayaka Hyuuga found a pole with a bucket suspended on the top of it, much like the head of an individual. She unsheathed her rapier and attempted to deliver a strike.
  • Odayaka manages to chip the bucket from her blow, and seems to give herself a bow for the great feat she had delivered.
  • It began to get dark, and so the unfinished demolition came to and end.
  • Yano Yamanaka begins to watch as the sun begins to set. “Finish up whatever your doing, good practice.” She says giving a nod as she walks over to Odayaka’s bucket pole and seems to shatter the bucket with a punch.


*Himawari Yuki tries to take a book from Harley Gunborg in her sleep, only to wake them up and get slammed by a hammer whilst being accused as a pervert attempting to touch them in the night.

  • Harley’s eyes suddenly go wide as she sees Hime appears. “Are you touching me!?!” She says sounding disturbed, reaching out for her hammer and aiming to smack the girl with it.
  • Harley’s hammer hits dead on target, smacking hard onto Hime’s head. “Why are you being a pervert!” She shouts at full volume, upset and hurt as she looks at the hit girl.
  • The group all finally goes to sleep.
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